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Enchanted Rock SNA

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Enchanted Rock SNA Dome


Enchanted Rock is likely one of the most beautiful places in the entire state of Texas to go primitive camping. It is one of our favorite places to go. The scenery is breathtaking, and the hike in is a whole lot of fun. There is something about waking up in the morning, crawling out of your tent, and seeing Enchanted Rock in the near distance. At this park there are a couple of different primitive "areas" to camp in. This means that there is no way to reserve one certain spot – you just show up to a certain area and camp where you want to. If you hear nature calling, find one of the outhouses. They are scattered throughout the area and clearly marked on the map. The trails wind around the Rock, so the scenery on the hike in is continually beautiful. Most of the trails are clearly marked, so if you bring a map along, you should have little trouble finding your primitive campsite area. Some trails could get a little hairy if your pack is heavy at all, so watch the map for warnings. Of course, the main draw of this park is hiking up the actual "rock" itself, although if you brave it with your heavy pack in tow, you will swear it is a mountain. The top crest keeps moving away. For a real challenge, try to hike up the steep face of it without dying. Make no mistake, though… It is worth every step. You’ll agree when you see the view from the top. This really is one awesome place to go primitive camping and we have yet to find anywhere that compares. If you consider yourself a primitive camper and have not yet visited this park, do yourself a favor and make this your next trip. You will not regret it. One major tip: Plan this trip way in advance! This park is no well kept secret and the primitive camping will fill up quicker than you would expect. We once had to re-plan an entire trip because there simply was no more room anywhere in the entire park. Call ahead and make reservations no matter what time of year you plan to go. One more thing: The legend of this park holds that the Rock actually makes a "moaning" sound, which is why it was thought to be "enchanted" – get it? Of course, there is a logical scientific explanation, but I won’t go into it here – see if you can hunt it down. Anyway… If you ever go there and actually hear it make noise, tell us about it. We haven't yet, but being the campers that we are, we will go back to try and listen for it again.


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